The BLUElab India Project (BLIP) is a multidisciplinary student organization at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor dedicated to co-designing  sustainable, appropriate technology with the rural communities of Dolatpura and Barola, which are located near Kalol in Gujarat, India.

While BLUElab India Project is an organization affiliated with the College of Engineering, members are also drawn from multiple schools including the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the School of Art and Design. BLUElab India Project is part of the umbrella organization, BLUElab, which has project teams working all over the world that are dedicated to co-designing sustainable solutions.


Since our team has been in existence, we have focused on co-designing solutions to several different community-identified needs. The co-design process involves working directly with community members with the development and design of our technologies, to ensure the successful implementation of culturally-appropriate and sustainable projects. A major facet of co-design for our team has been our partnership with Self Help Groups (SHG's). Self Help Groups are organizations of 10-20 women within a community that pool their financial resources to invest in projects for education, healthcare, and agriculture. BLUElab India Project aims to work with SHG's for future projects in order to maintain community engagement and mitigate financial barriers for individuals in the community. 

Some of the needs our members have explored include excessive smoke from cookstoves, lack of usable toilets, and the health problems associated with transporting drinking water. 

Check out our blog for frequent updates about our work and travels.


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